Reading. a) Read the text quickly and match the headings (a-d) with the paragraphs (1-4):

a) Read the text quickly and match the headings (a-d) with the paragraphs (1-4):

a The control panel b The drives c The desktop d Using icons

1. The desktop is the screen that appears after you boot up, or turn on, your computer. It shows a number of icons on a background picture or colour. When you buy a new computer and boot up for the first time, the desktop will only show a small number of icons. In the Windows operating system, these usually include My Computer and the Recycle Bin.

2. Double-clicking on an icon with the mouse opens a computer program, a folder or a file. Folders usually contain other files. You can move icons around the desktop, add new ones or remove them by deleting them. Deleted files go to the Recycle Bin. People usually put the programs they use most often on the desktop to find them quickly.

3. When you double-click on My Computer another screen appears. This screen shows the A: drive icon, for floppy disks; the C: drive icon, which usually contains all of the main programs and folders on your computer; the D: drive icon, which is usually the CD-ROM drive, and the Control Panel folder.

4. When you double-click on Control Panel, another screen appears that shows many other icons, such as the Display icon and the Date/Time icon. Double-clicking on Display opens a box that lets you personalize your desktop by changing the screen saver (the moving image that appears when no one is using the computer) or the background picture.

b) Decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F):

1 The desktop appears before you boot up.

2 Files are usually inside folders.

3 People usually put their favourite programs on the desktop.

4 Use the C: drive to open floppy disks.

5 You cannot change the background picture of the desktop.

6 The Control Panel folder contains the Date/Time icon.

c) Find the words in the text that mean:

1 comes into view so you can see it (paragraph 1)

2 the picture or colour on your screen (1)

3 clicking the mouse two times quickly (2)

4 something that holds documents or files (2)

5 most important (3)

6 make something the way you want it (4)

d) Match the icons with their descriptions:

Common iconson the Microsoft Windows desktop include:

1) Microsoft Outlook a) a feature that stores deleted files and allows the user to restore them to their original location i.e. the equivalent to the trashcan on an Apple Mac system
2) Network Neighbourhood or My Network Places b) a messaging program
3) My Computer c) a browser program that allows the user to view webpages on the Internet
4) Internet Explorer d) afeature that displays the names of other computers networked with yours
5) Recycle Bin e) a feature that lets you see the resources on your computer